Vegetable Spiral Slicer

A large percentage of families around the world are now looking to shift towards vegetarian diets because of its endless benefits. However, at times, the process of vegetable chopping and cutting becomes quite a handful for today’s busy families.

While designing ChefBreeze’s Vegetable Spiral Slicer, our designers have paid thorough attention to every detail to suit the needs of  its users. Our Vegetable Spiral Slicer can be particularly useful while preparing stir-fries, pasta-like, and a large variety of Asian foods at home.

With no extra parts to assemble, the Vegetable Spiral Slicer can be used immediately once it is out of the box.
Happy Cooking!

Meet the Slicer!:

Vegetable Pasta Maker | Prepare Healthy Veggie Pasta Lightning Fast & Super Easy!



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